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Safety Valve Silencers in India

P.K ENGINEERING is one of the best manufactures of Safety valve silencers in India

When we work using Safety valve silencers in India, noise is inevitable – but what if this same noise can be reduced to a great degree? Our work helps to make the dream of a silent industrial environment a reality. Our Safety valve silencers in India will create a peaceful and a pleasant working environment. Usually, when Safety valve silencers in India are opened, they create noise upto 150-160dB (a) which is high enough to cause hearing damage to the operator and contribute to noise pollution. In addition to the above factors, reducing the noise contributes to safer working environment for the employees.

We design, manufacture and supply internationally the Safety valve silencers in India for attenuating the noise produced by movement of gases in pressure. The main purpose of a Safety valve silencers in India is to manage the instant release of huge amounts of steam with high pressure into atmosphere while cutting of the noise produced while venting the steam in different temperature and pressure conditions.