These doors are designed to reduce the spread of noise and vibrations between rooms. They aim and insulate the sound within a room which is achievable thanks to insulate Engineering within the body of the door . Acoustic doors all as a barrier that restrict the reflection of sound . Our PK Engineering are using 18, 16 or 14 gauge galvanized steel for manufacturing the acoustic steel door. Our door is perfectly smooth, without visible joints on the faces and edges. The door edges are beveled.

Sound reduction. Acoustic doors are high performance constructions available in two standard acoustic ratings. High performance version is called D44 and has a sound reduction value of RW 44Db. Medium performance version as called D35 and has a sound reduction value of RW 35Db.

The acoustic enclosure can be used in steel plants, Power plants , Cement plants . Industrial sites and creates obstruction at the workplace wherever there is unwanted noise. Our team of trained and skilled technicians will carefully design the machine attachments using high quality metal sheets and proven technologies.

Salient Features of our Products:

PK Engineering’s acoustic enclosures comes with advanced amounts of technology and provide you with many benefits that will help to maintain success in a way that makes you feel comfortable while facing a variety of challenges in terms of noise.

We offer structural work designing of machines and generator acoustic enclosures, Canopy , Sound proof cabin and engineering side support incorporating layout and designing as well work out for acoustical structural without impacting others. PK Engineering offer sound proofing solution for commercial Industrial and residential space.