To face the ever reduction demands of the future , We design manufacture and Supply International Quality Engine Exhaust Silencer with high grade Raw Material for all types of Internal Combustion Engines running on Diesel , Petrol , Natural Gas, Bio Gas Etc.,

Our Products :-

  • Shock Graded Exhaust Silencer – Marine Application
  • Seismic Graded Exhaust Silencer – Thermal / Nuclear Power Plants

“Noise is defined as unwanted sound”

The purpose of an Exhaust Silencer is to reduce Engine noise emission . An engine without a Silencer will create an unbearable amount of exhaust noise in our environment. Our Engine Exhaust Silencer is designed to reduce Exhaust noise of internal Combustion engines of all types. All Exhausts produce six gasses as emissions , of the six – three are toxic (Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxide , and Nitrogen Mono Oxide).Our Exhaust Emission system is the only means of channeling away those noxious fumes.

Sound proofing Technologies in our Products:-

Absorption Type:

Sound attenuation broadband device with low pressure drop. Acoustic Absorption by Infill .


Generic term for sound proofing through reflecting and interfering waves.

Absorptive and Reactive Type:

The combination of these types are mostly used to reduce the noise level in all frequency Range.

Engine Exhaust Silencer’s Features:

  • High Grade Superior material
  • Support Saddles
  • High temperature resistant Paint


  • Cylindrical Silencers
  • Box Silencers
  • Hockey pack
  • Catalytic Silencers
  • Spark Arrestors

Material of Construction:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Corten Steel

Key Factors:

  • Performance Guarantee
  • Available inlet sizes from 50- 800 NB as standard
  • Radial , Axial and Twin intake
  • Space saving , Cost Saving, and Time Saving solutions
  • Assured Low Back Pressure
  • Exhaust Stacks upto 60 M height
  • Wide range of aeraulic performance

We aim to focus on “Developing Tomorrow’s solution Today “. The continual success of our product has brought the brand a reputation for quality and reliability among Customers . We have a supportive team of Experts , Designers, Engineers and Industry Specialists with their help we are founding our Philosophy to make the World a Quieter Place.