In all environments it is essential to keep noise at a level that is both safe and healthy for everyone in the area. Gas Turbine from PK Engineering provide that ideal solution to keep noise at a manageable level while maintaining the operating efficiency of your Turbine in take system.

Gas Turbine exhaust Silencers are designed for reliable operation during the cyclic and sustained elevated temperatures experienced by gas turbine exhaust systems used for power and compressor station application.

A Gas Turbine Silencer is a type of muffler for Industrial Turbines . Turbines create energy in an efficient way along with the energy comes a lot of noise. When the air is recombined it cools down prior in getting to the first initial turbine set. Then, the turbine is able to convert the airflow from Mechanical energy into Electrical energy.

PK Engineering provides standard and Custom gas Turbine Silencers to Control noise pollution in the most challenging applications. Our Gas Turbine Silencers manufactured in any Construction Gauge in a variety of materials.

  • Carbon Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Other Steels

Salient Features:

Gas Turbine Silencers from PK Engineering are welded in accordance with CWB and AWS certified welding producers , ensuring clean , strong joints meeting the specifications necessary for the sensitive turbine environments . All types of Gas Turbine available for situations where there is very little available space for noise attenuation.

Noise Reduction Benefits:

  • Custom Configurations with low approach velocities for effective noise control.
  • Aerodynamically designed acoustic baffles for lower pressure drops.
  • Eleven baffle configurations for more precise matching of acoustic requirements.

PK Engineering aims to provide maintenance free, long life, Gas turbine materials to prevent setting and erosion that result in reduced acoustic performance and airflow in the structure that results in higher community noise. If the noise not properly diminished . It could kill a person, Hearing loud noises repeatedly could cause ear damage both short term and permanent. To prevent noise levels from danger is our ultimate aim.