Industrial noise control generally involves the replacement of noise producing machinery or equipment with alternative exposure to hazardous noise at work is a major cause of hearing loss for workers.

Noise control is an important element of the design and manufacturing process in industrial , commercial or environmental systems. To achieve living comfort designing a system to the required noise level requires practical knowledge , technical skills and experience.

We design / manufacture all types of machine attachments to reduce noise and achieve the designed noise level to make your work place a pleasant and comfortable zone.

Specifications of our Products:

  • Specified noise exposure levels during the manufacturing unit to meet the exposure standard as a minimum.
  • Using quiet / silenced equipment
  • Using noise control measures like silencers , Barriers , Enclosures etc
  • Erecting warning signs to identify hazardous noise areas.
  • The methods proposed to lower noise exposure , for example Barriers , Enclosures and Maintenance.

We are using the highest level control that is reasonably practicable , based on the hierarchy of controls. Our products can provide maximum sound buffering and protection . We have everything you need for your sound no matter what Industry you are in, we are proud of providing various products Vent Silencer, Fan Silencer, Compressor Silencer, Gas Turbine Silencer, Acoustic Enclosure and Sound proof doors, Expansion Flexible Bellows , Fuel Tanks Etc.,

We take pride in the products we offer to our Clients and we work hard to ensure all our customers are completely satisfied with each of our products finally our aim is to create an environment without noise which is a great hazard to the workers which impact the workers mentally and physically .PK Engineeering’s Motto is to move towards Future without noise that means Go Noiseless.